Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Deletion of Jane Air

'A can of spam is what I am'
- Jane Air soundbites

The Deletion of Jane Air

I am here
I am there
I am everywhere
I am everywhere
There is space to share
I am everywhere
There is space to spare
Jumping backwards
And forwards
Across the cyber waves
Of the Atlantic
I click
Along the currents
Of the electronic maze
I flick
From forum to forum
Over here
- I'll be quick
Over there
- Back in a tick
From chat room
To chat room
- Back soon !
And blogging
And posting
And boasting
A can of spam
Is what I am
And I spam
What I can
But I have been caught !
By the sharp eyes
Of the moderator spies
My post is being deleted
Even before my post is complet…

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